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Kart utilgjengelig

onsdag, september 13, 2017
18:00 - 20:00


Obs! 18 års aldersgrense på våre visninger

Director/Writer Roy Andersson Cinematography István Borbás, Gergely Pálos 
Starring Holger Andersson, Nils Westblom 101 min DCP Swedish, Norwegian subtitles

Roy Anderssons’ third entry in his trilogy of existential films is a wonderfully strange comedy and a keen parody of the Scandinavian condition. Pale, stoic and fanatically sensible characters attempt to manage their lives amongst the gloom of Sweden. The outcome of which is without fault hilarious and tastefully awkward. From dull moments on the phone with love ones too monkeys being electrocuted in the name of science, all beautifully framed, every skit masterfully timed. With no real dedication to neither reality or fantasy, scenes jump from the rather common placed to the outlandish. 

The film has no real plot, but there are two recurring characters. Jonathan (Holger Andersson) and Sam (Nils Westblom) sell toys and novelty items, quite unsuccessfully. Wandering from store to store with a lackluster pitch and a briefcase of unwanted novelties, sympathy quickly turns to pity for the pair of salesmen. Jonathan slowly descends into depression, prompting him to obsess on the deeper meaning of life. Which is not a good state of mind when attempting to sell laugh bags, vampire fangs and rubber masks. To make matters worse, collectors demand their items returned and any dreams of striking big slowly wither away.  

And yet I laughed, frequently and loudly without feeling guilt, while at the same time maintaining sympathy for the characters. Roy Andersson by way of subtle and elegant storytelling was able to mirror the audience. The film takes its time to dwell upon the quiet moments. Perhaps one might think the movie is a creation of fantasy more so than traditional comedies. But the world isn’t comprised of charming and handsome people in control of destiny, as Hollywood would make us believe. We are awkward, strange and beautiful, with no real idea of what we’re doing, not unlike Jonathan and Sam. And in one of films most visited genres, a human element is welcome.      

 «A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence» earns its title. This movie is a kaleidoscope of universal emotions in surreal scenarios. One shouldn’t necessarily be in any great haste in understanding this film in a traditional sense. However, «A pigeon sat on a branch» offer a  sincere comfort as we follow Jonathan, Sam and others and their many misadventures, both big and small.